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About Our DIY SEO Program

July 26th, 2009

A Simple DIY SEO Program

Prepare yourself for the greatest DIY SEO tool you’ll ever use!

As you may have seen on YouTube or in Website Magazine, our DIY SEO web-based platform is the perfect compliment to an aggressive paid search campaign. Now you truly can dominate the search results, thanks to our organic search engine optimization technology!

Powered by LotusJump, will take your DIY SEO to the next level, with Do It Yourself SEO strategies and techniques that are easy to understand and very simple to implement. Say goodbye to costly SEO agencies and snooty SEO Consultants who take an arm and a leg as their payment for services. For as little as $24/mo., you can get the ranking you deserve at the pace you can afford.

Other SEO DIY Benefits

Internet marketing workshops and seminars can cost hundreds of dollars, and you’re stuck in a crowded room with dozens of other website owners. Then there is the cost of travel, time off work, and no guarantee that you will walk away a pro at search engine optimization.

However, our program is self-paced and built to be action oriented so that you’re not just learning search engine optimization, you’re optimizing your websites at the same time. After using our DIY SEO program for a few weeks, you may feel confident enough to start taking on other website owner’s SEO projects and making a profit from providing SEO services.

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